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Sunday, January 25, 2015


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Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division provides the primary investigative service and support to the Muncie Police Department and the community. Our Detectives investigate a variety of complex crimes such as homicide, robbery, and sex crimes, along with burglaries, thefts and fraud cases. Our mission is to investigate these crimes, identify the suspects, and prepare the criminal cases for successful prosecution. The investigators continue to work with the prosecutor's office through the entire trial proceedings.

The Criminal Investigations Division consists of 9 Detectives and two Supervisors. The unit is broken down into the actual Investigations Division and the Evidence Technicians Division. The Investigations Division is supervised by a Captain, A Lieutenant and two Sergeants with experience in every aspect of the department. The Detectives are made up of patrol status officers that have proven themselves as worthy and valuable officers from the Uniform Division. This concept has proven to be an important factor in the Investigations Divisions remarkable success in recent years.

The SMART Unit consists of two Sergeants that investigate all aspects of sexual crimes against children.

The Evidence Technicians Division is made up of three Investigative Technicians. Their responsibilities include the complete and thorough investigation of crime scenes; discovering as well as collecting, processing, preserving, and the presentation of the collected evidence in court. The unit represents the scientific and technical aspects of law enforcement. New investigative tools continue to be developed and these advancements continue to help solve crimes and prosecute the perpetrators.

Lt. Steve Cox
Division Commander

Sergeant Mike Engle
CID Unit Sergeant

Sergeant Linda Cook
Sgt. Jimmy Gibson
765-741-1350 / 765-213-6448

Evidence Tech Unit
Sgt. Rodney Fraiser
Inv. Eric Henry
Inv. Steve Watkins

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