Traffic Division


Officers are responsible for enforcing all traffic laws. Our intent is to make the public aware of laws and to give them a better understanding of the reasons the laws are in effect. The basic reason for having Traffic laws is to save lives. Motor vehicles are extremely dangerous to operate and we as a motoring public use these vehicles to the extent that we become complacent with their operation. In other words, we get so used to driving we forget how dangerous it really is.

I want the public to be aware that we are out there, and we will enforce laws. However, the days of writing a motorist 3 or 4 tickets on one traffic stop are over, at least as far as this unit is concerned. This unit’s focus will be with public awareness of the laws, and to correct their mistakes. Some people need to be cited and fined to get that message across, others, need only be warned. With the technology we have today, we can actually track how many times a vehicle has been stopped and for what reason. This enables any Officer to check the records and see if the motorist has been warned or cited in the past, which gives the Officer the ability to make an educated decision on how to handle each individual stop.

Actual responsibilities of the unit will include speed enforcement within the city, however a main priority will be in school zones. Other responsibilities include investigating and preparing accident reports, seatbelt usage, D.W.I. enforcement, and “problem areas”. These problem areas are going to come from the public, and Officers’ specific knowledge of areas that are prone to accidents caused by traffic violations. The public is encouraged to report repeated violations at a specific location by calling the traffic division: 765.286.3589 (please leave a message if there is no answer); or by using the Report a Crime section of our website.

Drive Safe!
Sgt. Chris Kirby